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Migle B.

I can highly recommend Esther as a healer for her spiritual, interpersonal skills and wonderful guidance. I had the most fantastic journey into the past life living as a crystal in the clear quartz crystal planet, - I went straight into my subconscious part feeling totally safe, secure, and well held. The technique is very effective and draws the right answers at the right time. And furthermore it is very practical in a sense that you do not need to be a meditator in order to connect to that part of yours which knows everything. My vibrations were really uplifted during hypnosis and thereafter. I am wishing you all the best in your journey.

Derek P. 

Esther, it was an absolute dream working with you. I can't wait to let you know how things go. 

But I have already experienced a few synchronicities that have required me to step into that power and take charge in my life. Thank you again. 


Paul Gerrard

Esther’s work resonated with me, like lingering magic, for days after her treatment. She is gifted at QHHT, and held a safe space for my treatment and healing. Thank you, Esther, very much, for your energy, skill, strength and kindness.

Daria Z.

Esther, I can’t thank you enough for my recent session with you. It was so emotional and beautiful, I felt so much of unconditional love and cried through the session and after. The SC took me everywhere – to the current life, the council and to the life as a whale. It was like discovering the different paths of my existence. I was so relaxed and reassured after the session. I felt connect and so happy – I can not thank you enough. I will be back, you are the best! I am forever grateful. Much love

Ruta K.

It was very beautiful to meet the world of my subconsciousness with Esther.

I received many beautiful messages that felt like support when I needed it the most.

The messages and images from the session still come back to me to remind the peace and eternal beauty within.

Thank you Esther!

Carlos B.

I'm really impressed with how Esther conducted the QHHT on me. It was the first time we made contact with my Subconscious. We gathered very interesting knowledge about my Self in a very delicate and respectful way. I gained great insight and recieved some healing. I understand myself better now and strongly believe Esther is a great practitioner. I wouldn't mind doing it again. Thank you so much! 

Tahlee J.

Esther is a skilled and compassionate practitioner, who helped me achieve clarity regarding several issues during our session. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as she was both professional and appropriately personal. She has a warm and trust-enabling manner that helped me unlock many positive aspects within myself.

Tania Si 

Amazing person/experience

Rowena H.

Esther is very kind, warm, generous & patient person. The session was a very relaxing & calming experience.


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