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A little interview I did with my friend and fellow QHHT Practitioner Laura Whitworth. 

Here I talk about one of my favourite sessions when a client saw a past life as a Crystal.

It all started on a planet made of crystals working with angelic energies. Then this crystal family got moved to Earth to start creating life from their crystalline DNA. This was such a beautiful session, and one of my first too. I’ll never forget this magical journey. 
To watch the whole interview go to Laura Whitworth’s Youtube channel, and find the video entitled “Introducing Esther Rouah QHHT Practitioner London”. 
Enjoy!! ✨💎✨



A male client had a past life as a wealthy Land Owner in the 16th C. He lived on a big farm with his Wife and two children. Somehow he knew that his Wife was cheating on him and that his first son was not his. But he pretented not knowing and carried on being faithful to his Wife and loyal to his family. 
On his land, lived a beautiful young Medicine Woman. She was kind to him and to his children, and he was secretly in love with her, but never dared to do anything about it. 
One day, as he was in his back yard, his Wife came behind him and stabbed him in the back. He died that instant. 
When I asked him " Now that you're on the other side, how do you feel about the fact that your Wife just murdered you?" He replied "She was right because I wasn't really living." 
Through this life, we learn that following your Passion in life is a must. So, follow your heart and live your Passion now because there might never be another chance. Carpe Diem! 

Pictures by the incredible photographer Sacha Goldberger.



A male client saw a Past Life through the eyes of his Father, a man who loved his solitude and seemed quite selfish because of it. 

In this past life, this man would love to travel on his own. Going climbing in high mountain ranges, camping in the desert listening to the wind, enjoying discovering remote beaches, to escape from the world and be at one with nature. 

Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 23.08.56.png

He didn't like to spend time with people, always feeling uncomfortable. He tried but did't feel good around people.
He went to his son's graduation and although he was very proud of his son, he couldn't express it to him. 
Then he was at his daughter's wedding, and again he was happy for her but couldn't partake in the celebrations and stayed sitting on his own in a corner watching the party. 
He did have a good life and a lovely family around him, but never managed to share his love for them. 
Towards the end of his life he had a lovely girlfriend who cared for him when he was sick. He appreciated her loving care but again, never managed to communicate his appreciation for her. 
At the scene of his funeral, he could see many people gathered in the church. His children, his ex wife who he had not spoken to for the last 20 years and lots of other friends and acquaintances. He was extremely surprised at the number of people who had come to pay their respect and celebrate his life. 
He thought he should have cared more about them, he thought in should have been more present in their life, and shown more love to his family. Allas now it was too late. 

By seeing life through his Father's eyes, my client realised the importance of showing people your appreciation for them, sharing your love, expressing your feelings, showing support. Life is short, so cherish the people around you. Show your love now. ✨❤️✨


Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 23.51.16.png


A female client had several past lives as a Keeper of the Sacred Knowledge. 
In the first life we explored, she was given a Shell which held Sacred Knowledge, she had the mission to go hide the Shell in the desert. In a following lifetime, she had to retrieve the Shell from its secret location and bring it to a place where it could be worshiped and the Sacred Knowledge shared. She was solely responsible for this Shell, being divinely guided by Spirit, she would know its location, when it was the time to either hide the Shell for its protection or bring it to a place of sacrament. 
Through these many lifetimes of service, we realise that there is a time for everything. Even Sacred Knowledge has divine timing.

Sometimes it has to be hidden, protected, and when people are ready to receive this information, the Shell can take its place again at the top of the altar. 
Today, as the veil is thinning, and Humanity is experiencing an Awakening, this Sacred Knowledge has resurfaced and is available to all who wish to discover it. 

Photo of a Rose Nautilus Shell by Jain 108 Mathemagics



A male client was a Galactic Traveller and experienced many past lives going from one planet to the other across the Universe.
We started in the darkness of the Universe, where he met fellow Light Beings. Together they moved to a small red planet, similar to Mars, and built a community. They revered a Tree of Knowledge, danced around it and sang as a celebration for their new found home. One day, they felt a Dark Force was on the way towards their planet. So they all hid inside the Tree for protection until this wave of darkness had passed.

When they got out of the Tree, they realised their homes and all community buildings had been destroyed. So they decided it was time to move somewhere else... 
Our Galactic Traveller was one of the last few to leave, and just before his departure he was given one of the Fruits from the Tree of Knowledge, to keep and cherish. 
He reincarnated on other planets, always bringing the Sacred Fruit with him. 
The last planet he visited was Earth. Here he could not be seen by humans, but animals could feel his presence. He started communicating with them, and as an exchange he passed on the Sacred Knowledge he was carrying and gathered information about life on the Blue Planet. 
Through this life as a Galactic Traveller we learned that some of us have a mission to be Keepers of the Sacred Knowledge and that this knowledge is to be shared universally.

Photo by @NASA

Screenshot 2019-11-01 at 00.00.34.png



A female client had a past life as the Muse of a famous painter in the late 1850's. Coming from a very modest family herself, he gave her the opportunity to discover the luxuries of life, the nice clothes, the good food, the parties... She got to enjoy herself very much, got to know other painters, make some good friends and be creative in her own way. 
Through this life we learned that following your Passion leads to Abundance. That when life gives you the opportunity to grow, the best thing you can do is to go for it without hesitation. Carpe Diem! 

Paintings by Alphonse Mucha, and a picture of Sara Bernhardt, a very famous actress and muse to Mucha.

Screenshot 2019-11-01 at 00.05.25.png
Screenshot 2019-11-01 at 00.05.08.png
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