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Esther Rouah



The day I started to understand that we create our reality through our consciousness, my life started to change completely... `

What brought me to spirituality, metaphysics and discovering who I truly am, was my imagination and intuition. Following these senses and learning to work with them as tools to create reality, showed me how much power we actually have over our immediate environment and our selves. 


Since I was a child, I had a chronic illness: a Candida overgrowth in my gut.

I was ill for about 30 years. In my early 30’s, my health became so bad that I was in pain all the time, had constant intestinal problems, my body was falling apart , I was loosing my hair, my face was full of acne, I was very irritable at all times and

overall I was suffering from deep depression. 

Doctors could not help me. So I turned to natural medicine and especially Amazonian medicine like Kambo, Ayahuasca and San Pedro. With these medicines, not only did I heal but I finally made a connection with the spirit world and started to understand how energy works. 

With this discovery, I decided to become an Explorer of Consciousness. So I learned all I could about Spirituality and Metaphysics, and started on this infinite journey of self exploration, discovery and Self Love. 

I received my first QHHT session 3 years ago and it was a revelation to me. I was already familiar with Dolores Cannon's work, and even though I had been searching and researching about the meaning of my life for a while, I found myself in a Dark Night of the Soul. I was at a very low moment in my life. And this session turned my life around, almost instantly. 

During this session, I met my spirit guides, I did not believe in guides or angels at the time. So that was very surprising to come into contact with them. Since then, I have learned to work with the Angelic realms for guidance and healing. 

I also discovered the voice of my Higher Self, and it told me that I was to become a healer and that I was going to work with dreams. 

This also seemed unexpected to me, but somehow knowing that this was my purpose in life made so much sense. I felt a huge motivation towards this new goal. 

And so, following this calling, I decided to learn this technique so I could help others on their spiritual journey. I went to Florida, to study the QHHT Level 1 course with Julia Cannon, daughter of Dolores Cannon

and started on my new path. 

Since then, I have graduated in QHHT Level 2, and also learned new techniques 

of healing through hypnosis like Beyond Quantum Healing ( BQH), Quantum Jumping and Theta Healing.

I now practice sessions in person between London and Tulum, I also offer sessions online via Zoom, for the convenience of my clients.


 I love that we have the power to heal ourselves with our mind.

And that the more we are in contact with our Higher Self, the more we can receive it’s guidance and healing. The Universe is so infinitely rich and I love working with the Quantum Field because it allows for miracles to happen. Anything is possible in the Quantum Field. There are only the limitations of our own imagination. We are powerful beings of choice. Once we recognise our multi-dimensional nature and therefore our power,  healing can occur instantly, so does manifesting.


I love sharing this knowledge with my clients, helping them on their spiritual journey. 

My mission is to help people get their power back, so we can all become the beautiful creators of our own reality. 


Studied at Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy

QHHT Level 1 Practitioner Course - Florida Expansion

March 2019

QHHT Level 2 Practitioner Course - Oxford, England

August 2019

QHHT Practitioner's Reunion - Mount Shasta, California

September 2019

Theta Healing - DNA Basic course

June 2020

Theta Healing - DNA Advanced course 

July 2020

BQH Training - Online Course

August 2020

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Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 22.10.15.png

In a QHHT Session,  during the Level 2 Training in Oxford. August 2019

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