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A Quantum Healing session is

a very deep and transformative experience

which brings

Inner Peace, Acceptance and Liberation.

QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

BQH stands for Beyond Quantum Healing.  

This hypnosis method was invented and perfected by Dolores Cannon during her 50 years career as a hypnotherapist. 

It includes Past Life Regression and conversing with the Higher Self.

Guiding the client into a meditation- visualisation, in Theta brainwave,

similar to the state we experience when we wake up or go to sleep. Through this meditative state the client gains access to the deeper and wiser parts of the



Through the Dolores Cannon method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, we travel through time and space to retrieve valuable information. We explore a Past Life or Parallel Life, like a dream that will have a very profound meaning in our life now. 

This helps us expand our Consciousness, and 

heal on a Physical, Emotional and Karmic level.  



QHHT sessions are done in person.

BQH sessions are done online via Zoom.

First, we get to know each other a little, see the reasons which bring you here today and we talk about your questions, so the practitioner can understand how best to ask them and how to get the most valuable answers for you. 

In the first part of the actual hypnosis session, we go through a Past Life, or guided dream, and explore that life from beginning to end, and sometimes beyond death, in the Afterlife. This guided dream or Past Life will have a very deep meaning in your life now. It is a way for your Higher Self to tell you something you need to know at this present moment.

In a second part, we get in touch with the Subconscious or Higher Self, and the practitioner will ask the client's questions. It is the client's  High Self which answers all the questions and gives guidance. Suddenly you realise that all the answers are within you and that you have the power to access any information. 

Lastly, we spend a bit of time after the hypnosis, talking about what came up in the session and how this information can help you. 


A Quantum Healing session lasts about 5 hours and is designed to work in one go. 

The actual hypnosis part of the session lasts about 2 hours and is recorded for the client to listen to later on. Most people remember the majority of the session, but it is highly advised to listen to the recording several times afterwards. This allows to go deeper into the session and get more information, a better understanding and more healing. 


Is QHHT safe? 

Yes it is very safe. It's like a game of visualisation which gets  you  into the right side of your brain (creativity, music, visualisation...), otherwise known as Theta Brainwaves, similar to the state we are in when we wake up or go to sleep.  From this point of view we are able to perceive life differently and let go of  limiting beliefs which block us in our evolution. I like to think of it as a guided dream which will show you what you need to know now to better your life. 

It is safe for pregnant women and people with chronic diseases too.  

A QHHT session is usually a very soft and relaxing experience.

What if I can't get Hypnotised?

This type of hypnosis is quite different. 

The client is awake and conscious the whole time. It's called hypnosis because it's about guiding the client through a meditative state, in Theta Brainwaves, much like the state we are in when we wake up, go to sleep or when we watch TV.

It is like a long visualisation - meditation, and the client will stay awake the whole time. 

Even clients who could not be hypnotised usually did very well in our sessions. 

Flowers QHHT Esther Rouah Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Dolores Cannon
Flowers EstherRouah QHHT practitioner Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Dolores Cannon

On the day of your session, you will need to bring some Questions you would like to ask your Higher Self / Subconscious. About 15 questions is a good start. 

These questions can be about anything in your life now: About Physical Issues or Emotional Issues, or about Family, Other Relationships, Work, Career, Love, your Past or Future... Your goals and how to achieve them....These questions do not have to be related to each other,  

Also try to avoid coffee before your session, and wear comfortable clothing, you will be lying down under a blanket for the majority of the session. 

White Blossoms Esther Rouah QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique Dolores Cannon

It is generally better to ask  "How?",  "When?",  "Why?" type of questions rather that questions with Yes/No answers. 

The Universe wants you to use your Free Will to make decisions, but it will help you in whichever direction you decide to go. 


Welcome to the new YOU! 

After the session, the client is ready to start a new life, with a different perspective...

Changes will start to occur naturally as the client is liberated from old beliefs that might have held them back in the past. Most people feel a change straight after the session, for others, changes come slowly and always at a pace they can manage. 

Dolores Cannon says: "It is our mind that makes us sick, so it can heal us too".


Once we change your perception of reality, our Reality naturally changes


During her 50 years career as a hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon perfected her QHHT technique. She wrote 17 books about the information she received from her clients and the Higher Beings she got in contact with through her sessions. Dolores Cannon was a pioneer in exploring higher levels of human consciousness.... and quantum science is only now catching up with information she discovered through her thousands of sessions....

She considers herself "the reporter, the investigator and the researcher of lost knowledge."

Some links to her talks on Youtube:

Dolores and her life purpose:

Moving into the New Earth talk:

 To find out more information about QHHT Practitioner courses or to find a QHHT Practitioner near you visit

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